About Loginwith.me

loginwith.me (pronounced "log in with me") is a remote access and remote control computer software and cloud service, allowing maintenance of computers and other devices. It was first released in 2022, and it aims to be the go-to resource for remote administration. loginwith.me does not require registration and is free of charge for commercial or non-commercial use. It offers a public API to make integration into 3rd-party apps a breeze.

What makes loginwith.me unique compared to similar products like AnyDesk or TeamViewer is the fact that it can be used freely for commercial use, offers a free public API, and can be used on any device thanks to the fact that it is entirely browser-based.

loginwith.me boasts strong transport encryption, file transfer, audio support, multiple sessions, and NAT passthrough. Global server load balancing and latency-based routing make loginwith.me the highest-performance cloud-based remote support tool in the world.

loginwith.me can be used instantly by anyone, anywhere, and without registration. The product is in rapid active development by Tier2 Technologies and is getting better every day.